Smart Assistant For Advocates

Product Description

Nowadays, it is tough for law firms to maintain their activities regularly. Agami Soft. Ltd. brings up to you a Smart Assistant for Advocates. This software offers you to make your regular work activity much more comfortable. You can really o this system. This software has so many exclusive features. Have a look at the features of Smart Assistant For Advocates –

 💫 Features 💫

Manage Unlimited Cases 🎇

There is no restriction on cases that you can store. Our System enables you to save and manage countless cases. Here you can manage

  • Case
  • Client
  • Hearing details
  • Payments & other information.

Client Database with Contact Details 📑

Smart Assistant For Advocates allows you to manage Client’s details saved at a single place within a case that helps you in future reference and maintain communication with Client which includes contact information like

  • Name
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • Address

Case Management 🔆

With Smart Advocate Assistant System, you get rid of maintaining different diaries to manage your daily schedule & tracking your cases. You can easily find details of your cases using this feature.

  • Add/Update case details like Client, court, judge, case status, next hearing date, etc
  • Faster process using Pre-Filled data of case, court, and judge
  • Categorize your cases
  • Case history details
  • Case transfer details
  • Maintain notes for each hearing
  • Notification and reminders to update the next hearing dates

Daily hearing list 🌌

Our System understands your needs and thus has the daily hearing list available at a single click. The application allows you to look at the cases of any of the date and print them easily for your reference in the judicial board or to provide to your assistants. You can –

  • Customized reports
  • View daily hearing lists with minimum efforts.
  • Get Notification about case updates/ hearing.

Easy Search Option 🖥

Well Smart Advocate System has an easy search option. Here you can search any of your cases by providing any of these following data.

  • Client Name
  • Case Date
  • Case Name
  • Contact Information

Access to staff 🧵

At the point when there is single user in the Law firm, every one of the undertakings can be effectively overseen, yet when there are different clients it ends up extreme to deal with the group and relegate them an assignment and keep its record. For advocate firms, the System allows you to give access to your colleagues. By, making it easier to collaborate. Without entering data twice.

  • No restriction on user creation
  • Separate login to all your team members
  • Assign a task to your team within the organization
  • Keep track of cases assigned to each team members
  • Role-based access to the System

Manage Fee Payments ⌛️

You can easily manage your all payment using this feature.

  • It records the fee agreed, and various payments received, ensuring no financial loss.
  • Client wise payment history.

Manage Communication with Client 📻

The System allows you to automatically send a notification to a client over

  • Email
  • SMS

thus saving your valuable time.
– Our System ensures you save time on unnecessary communication and thus allows you to set up auto communication over e-mail and SMS to the Client regarding case updates.

Reports and Dashboard 📊

  • Dashboards can track statutes, filings, deadlines, statuses, and much more.
  • From Dashboards you can manage your cases
  • Can track New Case Performance
  • Find out how many intakes turn into retained cases.
  • Dashboards have filtering capability. You can filter by date, case type, keywords, and more.
  • “Create a Report” if the one you require is not included in the pre-formatted reports.

Easy Maintenance 🛠

Smart Assistant For Advocates is built with more emphasis on easy and accurate maintenance of data. Allowing you to update next date and proceedings with quite an ease.

Access on Smartphones 📲

As our System is a server-based application, so data is available over your smartphone (Android), making it even easier to access.
Now you can access your Smart Assistant For Advocates System using multiple devices. starting from

  • PC
  • Smartphone (Android)

thus making information available to you everywhere.
Smart Assistant For Advocates built with the latest cloud technology and hence ensure data will remain the same on every device. You don’t need to use a single device to update your case details. Using this System, you can update any details sitting back in the courtroom or anywhere else.


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