Payroll Management Software

Product Description

An essential part of any organization is payroll. Our Payroll Management Software System is a complete solution for your businesses. This Payroll Management software system is the Best Payroll software system in Bangladesh. Our payroll management software system is capable of shrewd the operating days, collectible quantity, deductions, etc. numerous reports are on the market to help the management in shrewd the expenses on pay besides as reports required for division processes like PF forms/Challans, etc. From automating several tasks such as depositing the salaries, to taking care of taxes, payroll software is highly helpful.

💫 Payroll Management Software Features 💫

Employee Profile Management💂🏼

  • Keep track of employee’s details
  • Keep track of employee’s company-specific details
  • Employee’s Bank Account Information
  • Employee Document

Employee’s Job History💼

  • Ability to keep records of all the previous jobs of employees


  • Ability to keep records of employee complaints or disputes

Departments and Designations🏬

  • Categorize employees according to departments
  • Organize designations within departments

Employee Attendance 🙋🏼‍♂️

  • Manage employee’s daily attendance sorted by departments
  • Generates an attendance report of employees
  • Employee Wise monthly, weekly, yearly attendance report

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Employee leave and vacation management⛱️

  • Organize leave category with quota
  • Holiday Management
  • An employee can request for leave
  • The ability for an administrator to review those leave applications
  • The ability for an administrator to either reject or accept the leave request

Employee Payroll or payslip Management 📑

  • Organize the salary structure by monthly, weekly, daily, hourly basis. 
  • Generates payslip for employees for each month
  • Organize the salary structure

Allowance Management📋

  • Transport Allowance
  • Meal/Dining Bonus
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Etc. 

Deduction Management♨️

  • Absent
  • Late Present
  • Performance Evaluation 
  • Etc. 

Employee Awards🏆

  • Ability to entitle awards to employees according to performance
  • Add allowance as an award

Universal Noticeboard📋

Private Messaging📬

  • Ability to send message to employees
  • Email Notifications on messages

Automated Installation👾


🔆Benefits of Payroll Management Software🔆

Payroll management system software simplifies all payroll processes for every kind of office directors, business house owners, accountants. you do not want any specialized payroll or labor employment law data to control our payroll package. Payroll Management software system permits the user to store data like personal details, pay band details, grade pay details, Date of appointment/confirmation/retirement, PAN, PF A/c No. each month pay Calculation sheet are often generated.


🌀Why Need Payroll Management Software🌀

  1. Accuracy
  2. Saves times
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Integrity of data
  5. Increased connectivity


🔰 Things to Consider when Choosing a Payroll Management System Software 🔰

  • Choosing the Right Payroll Management System Company
  • Choosing a Payroll Management System Software That Fits Your Business Needs