Hospital Management Software

Product Description

It’s so difficult for hospitals to manage their regular activities. Agami Soft. Ltd brings you a Hospital Management Software to get rid of it. Have a look at its features –

Hospital Management Software

💥 Basic Features 💥

Patient Management 🌌

  • Doctor Appointment
  • Keep records of patient’s prescriptions and medications
  • Keep track of patient’s payments
  • See all diagnostics
  • Manage operation reports

Manage Doctors 🎆

  • Searchable’ doctor’s list
  • Doctors profile
  • Categorize doctors according to departments

Hospital management 🧬

  • Allotment of beds and cabins
  • Keep records of medicines
  • Ability to save reports
  • Payslip generation for hospital staffs

Track Sales 🔎

  • Ability to keep records of daily sales
  • The system can export daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales report.

Track Expenses 🔎

  • Ability to keep records of daily expenses.
  • The system can export daily, weekly, monthly, yearly expenses report.

Bill/Invoice 📋

  • Generate order bill/invoice
  • Ability to print the receipt for the customers.

💉 Premium Features 💉

Tests management 📈

  • Manage Test & billing
  • Records of diagnostics and reports.
  • Lab dept. Can enter the value/results in the report.
  • Generate the report automatically after the entry test results.
  • Ability to print a report from the system

CRM Module 🎏

  • Ability to Store patient information for marketing purposes.
  • Monitor Business Growth
  • Automatic Business growth report based on Sales/Expense report
  • New Customer entrance report.
  • Existing customer entrance report

Employee Attendance 🙋🏽

  • Manage employee’s daily attendance
  • Generates an attendance report
  • An employee can request for leave
  • Review leave applications

Employee Schedule Management 👨🏽‍🚀

  • Maintain an employee work schedule
  • Shift duty Managing


Why you need Hospital Management System

Hospital Management Software will help you to reduce your daily working activity of your hospital . Using this Hospital Management System you will have –

Appointment booking 🎯

🔥 Enables patients to cut the long line and spares their time.
🔥 System Is furnished with highlights like automatic email and instant message updates.

Role-Based Access Control 👨🏾‍🏭

🔥 Enables employees to get to just the vital data to adequately play out their job duties
🔥 Builds information security and respectability

Overall cost reduction ✌🏽

🔥 Chops down paper costs as every one of the information are modernized
🔥 No different expenses for setting up physical servers.

Data accuracy ⚡️

🔥 Evacuates human mistakes
🔥 Cautions when there’s a lack of stock

Data security 🔐

🔥 Keeps patients record private
🔥 Confines access through job-based access control

Revenue management  💰

🔥 Makes every day evaluating basic
🔥 Assists with measurements and other financial viewpoints