Human Resource Management System

Product Description

HR Software brings you some coolest feature for your Human Resource Management. Agami Soft.Ltd offers you the best Human Resource Management System. Take a look at our exclusive features.

💫 Features 💫


Employee Profile Management 🕵🏼‍♀️

  • Keep track of employee’s details
  • Employee’s Bank Account Information
  • Keep track of employee’s company-specific details
  • Employee’s Important Document

Employee’s Job History 👩🏼‍🎤

  • Ability to keep records of all the previous jobs of employees
  • Current Job overview

Complaints/Disputes 👨🏼‍🚀

  • Ability to keep records of employee complaints or disputes

Departments and Designations 👩🏼‍💼

  • Categorize employees according to departments
  • Organize designations within departments

Employee Attendance 🙋🏼

  • Manage employee’s daily attendance sorted by departments
  • Generates an attendance report of employees
  • Employee Wise monthly, weekly, yearly attendance report

Employee leave and vacation management ⛱

  • Organize leave category with quota
  • Holiday Management
  • An employee can request for leave
  • The ability for an administrator to review those leave applications
  • The ability for an administrator to either reject or accept the leave request

Employee Payroll or payslip Management

  • Organize a salary structure by monthly, weekly, daily, hourly basis.
  • Generates payslip for employees for each month
  • Organize a salary structure

Allowance Management

  • Transport Allowance
  • Meal/Dining Bonus
  • Overtime Calculation

Deduction Management

  • Absent
  • Late Present
  • Performance Evaluation

Employee Awards

  • Ability to entitle awards to employees according to performance
  • Add allowance as an award

Private Messaging

  • Ability to send message to employees
  • Email Notifications on messages


Why You Need HR Software?


Improved decision-making effectiveness 🎇 

Having pertinent information quickly accessible, settles on decision-making simple. A poor decision can emerge from having insufficient data or absence of accurately interrelated data. Great quality hr software takes into account various applicable territories to be refreshed all the while. It guarantees that you make sure to enter cooperative and significant data on all parts of HR.

Improved Productivity 💎 

Manual record-keeping is very tedious because every single related record must be updated by hand. Utilizing a software to record data can free up staff for higher request capacities. Moreover, employee inquiries can take up a ton of a human resource department’s (or manager’s) time.  HR software can give a self-administration choice to representatives to get essential data themselves just as sparing staff time in acquiring it for the workers. It can likewise spare time and improve adequacy for each progression of the enlistment and determination process only as for evaluation and training. This can lead to generous efficiency gains.

Measurable ROI ⚖️ 

By Investing in HR software can prompt generous cost savings funds in spite of the excellent beginning investment required. If you pick software that explicitly addresses your business’ issues, you will most likely lessen your work costs the same number of capacities. You will be finished by the product itself as well as other people will take much less time because of the software.

HR Modules Help Business Management Efficiency 🧬 

Simple coordination of the HR works into different parts of the business the executives is another advantage of HR software. This software has modules that can be incorporated or not as per your needs. Which can likewise be connected to external software. For example, Accounting and other reporting software to streamline all parts of the business the executives. 

Improved Security 🎆  

Human Resource Software can likewise improve your business’ security by reducing the number of administrative paper works and related security dangers. Security has turned into an major issue or if nothing else thought for some organizations. Also, decreasing the number of manners by which security can be ruptured is positively one approach to restrict the hazard.