School/College Management System

Product Description

Our School/College Management system offers you to control all of the daily activity of your School. By using this Software, you can save your time and money. Some useful feature is included in this Software. Take a look at them all –


💫 Features 💫

Different Types of Profile Management 💂🏼

  • Students 👩🏼‍⚖️
  • Guardian 🚶🏼
  • Teachers 👩🏼‍🏫
  • Officials 👨🏼‍💼

Attendance and Class Schedule Management 🙋🏼‍♂️

  • Manage class Schedule
  • Take attendance of students daily
  • Track Student attendance Daily
  • Monthly-Yearly attendance report
  • Print the attendance report

Exam Management and Mark Evaluation 📝

  • Specify exam dates
  • Exam Schedule Management
  • Marks evaluations
  • Subject wise marks
  • Compare students’ marks
  • Print student mark sheet

Result and Notification System 📑

  • Publishing Result
  • Grading System
  • Get Result Notification

Tracking Fees and Payment 🎯

  • Create payment invoices
  • Create mass invoices for a particular class
  • Students’ payment history
  • Track school expenses

Study Materials and Assessments 📚

  • Online Class Room
  • E-Book
  • Online Exam
  • Online Lecture Sheet

Transport Management 🚌

  • Check Transport Availability
  • Manage Transport Schedule

Library Management 📖

  • Add/Update Book List
  • Check Book Availability
  • Manage Book List
  • Book Purchase History

School Accounts and Fund Management 🗝

  • Check Available Fund
  • Add donation
  • Teacher’s Salary Management

Academic Year And Session Management 💢

  • Report of Each Academic Year
  • Session wise student report
  • Session wise teacher report
  • Yearly Expense report

Why Do You Need to Choose our School Management System?

Simplicity To Use ✌️

This Software developed with client’s requirement. We always keep the clients need and usability in our head. So, Anyone can use this too by their needs. It is anything but complicated to utilize and with capacity customization control. It relies upon your very own financial limit and area estimate prerequisites to pick best School Management System, with a gained particular level.

Up-gradation in Requirements 👷🏻‍♀️

With the progression of time, associations need to refresh or improve the current features of the Software. So, School Management System gives them simplicity to deal with all capacities in a tweaked manner. You can deal with each function according to your will. It is a successful and valuable route for your organization to deal with every single instructive datum as needs are. You can enjoy a user-friendly and bug-free software.

Your Own System 👀

School Management System developed based on your requirements.  So, There is no third party engaged with this system. All right reserved by you. So you are the genuine proprietor of your own system. You can read more about  “ERP Benefits“.

User-Friendly 👍

You may read on many blogs and discovered interface isn’t user-friendly. But our Software is very user-friendly. Anyone can operate easily. There is no need to think about operating the system.

High Quality Software 💯

It gave you better quality at that point effectively created Software. It is a bug-free software. You can also improve the quality of School/College Management System if you want. You need to tell us the area of improvement and it will be done in a moment.

Progressively Reliable School ERP 📌

It is gradually dependable and fruitful for your School/College Management System. So, It gives all of your data identified with understudy and Teachers. You can depend on School/College Management Software. School/College Management System incorporated with ERP Solutions.

Summarize Your School 🔎

You can condense your School/College information like administrator, educators, guardians, students, and other action Functions of good School/College Management System. Your tech group shows signs of improvement feeling of the general IT rehearses. So, That can summarize you school in a single platform.

Secure Funding 🔐

It additionally gives secure subsidizing. So, your every payment and its balance sheet report confidentially is with you. There are notably fewer chances to leak your confidential data. That’s why our School/College Management System is increasingly stable than other Software’s.