8 Easy Ways To Never Affected by a Virus

8 Easy Ways To Never Affected by a Virus
Published Date: Jul 10, 2019

Be Aware of the Fake Download Button 📀

These can turn up anyplace, however, by and large, you’ll see them on download destinations. Regardless of whether real or else, you can ensure there will be a download catch that isn’t the one you need to click. The outcome can be that you downloaded something you don’t need — potentially malware, albeit regularly basically terrible software.
As you’ve no uncertainty detected, this is a messy trap. You can avoid the scammers with this methodology and never get affected by a virus, however. Basically, exercise alert when clicking links and buttons. Reconsider and think about the accompanying:

  • Do you ever use this site before?
  • Do you trust this site?
  • Have you checked the URL matched with its destination?
  • Does the text of the button font match the rest of the site?

Use A Secure Browser 🌐

An old version of Internet Explorer is simply not adequate nowadays. Then again, an old version of any browser can’t be viewed as secure. These applications are upgraded regularly by their programmers for many reasons, for the most part, to keep up and improve security.

Modern browsers Like Google Chrome is not safe if you are using an operating system like Windows XP, which is very backdated. Because the operating system, like XP, is not secure enough to handle modern malware software.
So make sure you use an updated browser with an updated operating system then, you never get affected by a virus.

Hang Up on Cold Calling ☎️

Nowadays, it is common for getting unnecessary cold calls. Some of the callers mark themselves as your Internet service provider (ISP), Bank Agent, Mobile phone agent, etc.

Their point is to get you to discover “verification” of an issue on your machine, at that point download a bit of software that manages the caller — who is a scammer, unadulterated and straightforward — control of your PC. From then on, they have the opportunity to install keyloggers, backdoors, and other tools that might be used to steal information from you.

Avoid Public Torrent Sites 🧲

You may not understand this. However, there are two kinds of torrent site: open and private. While both can be accessible to through an internet browser, the last more often than not expects you to make a record and deal with your proportion.

The method is just to upload as much as you can, or you get banned. With open public torrent sites, you’re gambling malware contaminations from the dodgy adverts, yet additionally from the deluges being fake, unusual viruses, Trojans and different malicious software in with the file you believe that you’re downloading. So make sure that what are you pretending to download and double check the file before you use it and never get affected by a virus.

Do not open forwarded Emails which include an Attachment 📤

Email is the easiest way to get infected by a virus. Malware can be spared by emails. If you are wondering what the email you got is from the actual sender, then you are thinking wrong. Scammers try a smart trick to break your shield by sending email only by changing the FROM name. Whenever you click on that attachment or link those scammers will get every access of your computer by spreading malware viruses.

Download Application from Developers 📲

It is very common that most of the people around the world never download an app from the original developers. Because of saving some money, they use crack file of those applications, which is illegal and also not safe. Most of them are also not up to date.

But if you download the App from the actual developer’s site, then they will provide you an updated app and also ensure the software security.

Scan All Files and Disks Regularly 🖥️

You will need anti-virus software to help you through this. Make sure you keep your anti-virus up to date for avoiding malware attack. Do scan your files regularly and if you see anything unfamiliar, then change or delete it from your disk.

Pay Attention to Virus Warnings and Notifications 🧐

If you are having a busy day and you do not check your notification bar, make sure you checked it before its too late. Most of the times, the firewall updates you about the strange behavior of your system. So please check those messages and never get affected by a virus for sure. You can also put an eye on those bellow things for more security :

  • Use a firewall
  • Monitor all devices proactively
  • Utilize administrator rights


At the end , Stay Secure.